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Improve Your Hip Mobility with Footwork Straddle on the Chair


Footwork Straddle on the Chair is also called Seated Leg Pumps-Side Sit, V-Sit, Pumping, or Footwork.

Add this exercise into your routine to strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, and external hip rotators. This variation is also great for strengthening the core (especially your obliques) and improving torso stabilization.  

By training your external hip rotators to fatigue your internal hip rotators will release. This way you can also improve internal hip rotation.

Try out these tips the next time you practice Footwork Straddle

  • Spiral your thigh outward on the upward and downward movement.
  • Place one hand to the inside of the pumping knee, and press your knee back to increase the amount of external hip rotation.
  • Open both knees equidistant.
  • Avoid allowing the torso to “help” by leaning to the side of the pedal (counterbalancing).

Are you going to practice or teach Footwork Straddle this week? What are your favorite tips for this exercise? 

In the Pilates Encyclopedia, we look at every detail of Footwork Straddle, from head to toe, to help you get the maximum benefit from this exercise.

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