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External Hip Rotation Exercises

This list includes exercises that improve external rotation of the hip joint either by lengthening the internal rotators or by strengthening the external rotators.

Trapeze Table

  • Hip Opener
  • Side Lying Leg Springs: Passé


  • Thighs in Straps (springs assist external rotation and flexion)
  • Sleeper: Hip Opener variation
  • Feet in Straps: Frogs, Frog Kicks
  • Footwork: Wide V, Narrow V on balls of feet or heels


  • Lying Flat: Frogs
  • Seated Leg Pump Side Sit
  • Standing Leg Pump From Side V-Position
  • Side Lunges and Sideways Step Down
  • Piano Lesson
  • Footwork: Double Leg Pumps V-Position (Pilates V) or Wide V


  • Pliés


  • Bent Knee Opening
  • Prone Leg Lifts in external rotation
  • Clams


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