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Are Your Abs Working or Your Hip Flexors?

The Series of 5 or Stomach Series is a Pilates staple. And for good reason! These exercises build abdominal strength, endurance, and core control. I love to teach the Stomach Series on the Spine Corrector instead of the mat because it can be done more correctly by more students. 

During this series, we should be feeling challenging abdominal work. But what if it feels easy? Or maybe instead of burning ab muscles you're only feeling the front of your hips? 

This means that the hip flexors have taken over. Not to worry- there's an easy fix!

Scoot your hips further forward onto the step. Drop your ribs and keep your bra strap line (lower rib cage) firmly pressed against the barrel. There will be a gap underneath your lower back. Sink your spine down into that gap, like a hammock. You’ll feel how this helps you scoop your abdominals.

Feel it now? I bet you do : ) 

Which tips and tricks do you use to help improve your abdominal connection? Let us know in the comments.

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