Reclaiming the Essence of Pilates

Join Mara for a transformational weekend and leave with more clarity about your body and your practice

This workshop - led by Mara Sievers, founder of Pilates Encyclopedia - will lead you to greater clarity about the unique way the Pilates method can offer you(r students) greater benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. Through the words of Joseph Pilates himself and a review of the Pilates movement principles, Mara will engage you in a dialogue between these concepts and your own body. What can be fine-tuned in your current practice to take you to the next level in regards to power, balance, and ease?

Just like the adaptability and wide range of application that the Pilates method offers, this workshop will speak to students and teachers alike. Whether you are an athlete or a couch potato, you will learn how to harness even greater strength and flexibility from your body and mind through the theories and techniques we will explore. But there is a warning: The workshop forecast predicts frequent a-has and a high likelihood of breakthroughs!

This three-day workshop will address the expectations and practice habits of Pilates students and teachers alike with the purpose of getting the most out of our practice and teaching. Each participant will gain clarity about their underlying reason for their Pilates practice and will leave with a better understanding of their body/mind, its strengths and weaknesses and will be able to target their practice towards more focused results.

Have you ever been confused about or interested in the differences between the various styles and schools of Pilates, such as classical and contemporary? This workshop is interested in finding what we have in common, and what we can learn from each other without giving up who we are at our core (obvious pun - I couldn’t resist). Ultimately, we're all people, similar in some aspects and different in others. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Don't we all want the same thing- to be stronger and more flexible, have less pain, and move more freely? We all love Pilates, right? Let's talk and move, shall we?


This is how you'll benefit from one of our workshops and offerings:
  • Get an outside perspective to "get out of our own head".
  • Hear new cues and see your body, practice, and studio from a new angle.
  • Mara is strongly committed to bridging the gap between various styles, schools, and methods of Pilates. Let's focus on what we have in common instead of what differentiates us.


Email [email protected] to to schedule this workshop at your studio.


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